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We watched ‘The Godfather’ and we’ve been watching mafia-related movies and TV series together ever since.

Peach and I were a year apart in college, meaning I graduated in May of 2011 and he had another two semesters left.

We continue to primarily split costs of brunches, dinners, movies, mini-golf, Broadway shows or whatever else we’re up to during our time together.

Yes, sometimes he insists on paying for a date and in an effort to not be completely emasculating I allow it — after profusely asking if he’s sure and if he can afford.

-Dyane Dear Dyane, ” And there’s nothing charming about the tragedy of being between a rock and hard place.

This, of course, is what LONG DISTANCE often feels like for couples. Did you spend a lot of time with friends and family? But the danger lies in when we become TOO dependent on our partners to make us happy. My relationship is “pure luxury” only because I make the effort to make myself happy.

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This perspective is important to ALL relationships, but it’s even MORE critical to the survival of LDR’s.The other big secret is to openly discuss your financial situations.I don’t mean disclose your net worth or exchange pin numbers and bank account info.I mean to have an honest discussion with your partner about what you can and (more importantly) cannot afford.There should be no shaming nor should you constantly cover your partner because it will create a financial imbalance that could lead to resentment from both sides.

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