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he royal commission recommended a number of changes to canon law, finding the disciplinary system for dealing with clergy and religious who sexually abuse children contributed to the church’s failure to provide an effective and timely response to perpetrators.he commission suggested new canons that frame child sexual abuse as crimes against the child, not as moral failings or breaches of the obligation to observe celibacy.The arguments for exemption implicitly assert a moral superiority of canon law, instead of reviewing that canon law in light of the Commission’s substantial arguments.It would seem that my Church has learnt little from this criminal failure of pastoral responsibility that ruined the lives of so many children...CEO of the Catholic Church’s Truth Justice and Healing Council , Francis Sullivan , has called on the P rime M inister, state premiers and chief ministers to immediately set up a COAG committee to implement the recommendations in the Royal Commission’s final report .It is impossible not to share the anger many survivors have felt when they tell us of their betrayal by people they believed they were entitled to trust,' he said...Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has recommended to Australian federal and State governments, that the Catholic ‘seal of confession’ should not exempt priests from a proposed offence of ‘failure to report’.The response of some Church commentators has been dismissive and disrespectful of the work of the Commission, foreshadowing defiance of civil law.Friday, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which has been part of the Australian political and ecclesial landscape for the last five years, will cease to exist.The commission will present its report to the Governor-General, and the commissioners will return to private life or to their previous public offices.

he Holy See remains committed to being close to the Catholic church in Australia – lay faithful, religious, and clergy alike – as they listen to and accompany victims and survivors in an effort to bring about healing and justice,” it said in a statement.

My church, like all institutions caring for children, contained child abusers. Justice Mc Clellan said that for victims and survivors, telling their stories has required great courage and determination.

My church, more than many other institutions caring for children, failed to weed out those abusers and even harboured them in the name of maintaining the public standing of the institution and in the hope of protecting the abusers, giving them a second, third or tenth chance. 'Most are stories of personal trauma and many are of personal tragedy.

The commission has unearthed a continent of human suffering and mountains of institutional obfuscation.

The task of change within the Catholic Church will fall mainly to committed Catholics, and not just the clerics.

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