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Having shots, touching themselves, masturbating, fingering their tight asses, spreading their fragile, skinny legs, bending over, doing as their clients please. Instead of hanging out at home and giving webcam shows together with their roommates, they get dressed up, put makeup on, go to a nightclub and broadcast from their phones. They take demands from their clients, approach and kiss guys in the club, flash their tits - you say jump, she says how high. Forget about static images, prerecorded content, fake tits and fake screams,.a new genere of adult content has arrived.It is broadcast live and it's a fucking thrill to watch it.

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Thanks to the world wide web, all sorts of pornography have become widely available.

You don't need to wear a baseball cap and a fake mustache when visiting a video store in a remote part of town, hoping no one catches you renting out that Jenna Jameson tape.

And you don't need to mumble to the store clerk to fetch you a pack of gum, while you stuff the newest edition of Hustler under your jacket.

What if you were able to tell her what to do and where to touch herself?

After all, don't most men wish to have a hot, sexy little fuckdoll at their disposal 24/7, ready to satisfy their needs and fulfill their kinkiest fantasies? These young and cute and wild college chicks are ready to get down and dirty for a few dollars.

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