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We will record and present the tuning changes necessary for the optimization of Lustre for the SAS applications.

In addition, results from the scaling of SAS Cluster jobs running on Lustre will be presented.

solution that enables SAS applications to better utilize computing resources, which is extremely I/O and compute intensive.

It requires the use of a high-performance shared storage (SS) that allows all servers to access the same file systems.

Users do not have the priviledge of modifying codes on the fly.

In this case, how do you comment out the programs if the job terminated abnormally?

A factor analysis was performed to identify and define latent mental health and risk behavior variables.

A series of logistic regression analyses were then performed using the risk behavior and demographic variables as potential contributing factors to each of the mental health variables.

Data used in this analysis was provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and gathered using the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS).

Complex data manipulations can be resource intensive, both in terms of development time and processing duration.

However, in recent years SAS has introduced a number of new technologies that, when used together, can produce a dramatic increase in performance while simultaneously simplifying program development and maintenance.

The more IT knows and understands about SAS how it works, what its system requirements are, how to maintain it and back it up, and what its value is to the organization the better IT can support the SAS shop.

This paper provides an introduction to the world of SAS and sheds light on some of the unique elements of maintaining a SAS environment.

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